1. 2016

    Advantages of Symfony

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    I have been a long supporter of CAKEPHP, but recently I have been reluctantly looking at on Symfony framework and to be honestly they have won me over. Symfony for gradually becoming the standard defector framework and using

    Symfony can bring a lot of advantages to your platform

    Symfony can be used to build various platforms and infrastructure that can be easily incorporated into your development cycle, especially when adapting different development methodologies or changes to platform environments (development, test, staging or production environments).
    Symfony has a strong strict object oriented language code base and continues to update itself based on most up-to-date versions on PHP and since its PHP enjoys a large community support as a free open source language framework.
    Symfony is based on the MVC pattern that allows for good organization of code and architecture of the your platform.
    Symfony includes a wide range of command line tools which can be used during project management and the development process. This makes the configuration of the framework to meet the requirements of your platform easy.
    By far its best features are its testing and debugging features, these features are incorporated into the interface which makes bugging a breeze also with unit testing you can easily mock objects and isolate classes and integrate testing tools like PHPUnit or Behat.

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