1. 2015

    Merging 2 JavaScript arrays from a set size

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    The inspiration for this solution came from an interview question to do a function that allows you insert array B into array A by a specified size N and sort the combined result. Surprisingly this took me a bit of a while to figure out, I wasn’t able to benefit from the solution.

    Since I am merging 2 arrays for this solution I decided not to take into account making the items in the resulting array unique because it was not required. So if the same value exists in both arrays, the same value would likely repeat twice in the combined array.

    function mergeArray(n, a, b) {
        return a.sort().concat(b.sort()).slice(0,(n*2)).sort();
    mergeArray(3, [2,3,7], [1,4,5]); 

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