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    Types of Websites

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    Websites can the categorized technically into two categories static websites and dynamic websites. A website can be classified as static if its pages were only created using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This does not mean the websites cannot be interactive, you can still have a static website that has a “full calendar” where you can browse through dates and events, or a “full gallery” where you can click on and browse through its albums. A website can be categorized as dynamic, if it has any server-side programming (PHP, Ruby, ASP.net or JAVA for instance) used in its pages. Most dynamic websites, if not all, usually retrieve content information from one or more databases. Good examples of dynamic websites we use every day include Facebook and Twitter.

    Websites can also be categorized creatively based on the websites functionality, how content is used, and how the layout is designed. This becomes very important when you are working in as a member of a web development ” team”, that you as the web designer understand the basic concept lead out by the program manager or senior web designer, driving the creation of the layout and content of the website.

    Here are types of websites categorized by their functionality

    Types of Websites Description
    Personal These are sites about an individual or small group (a family for instance) that contains content information about the individual or small group.
    Blog This are also called web log. These are usually personal sites that are used to post information relates to a person’s hobbies or interests, like an online diary, or editorial based on politics or sports. This is a good medium for a blogger to express their ideas on subject matters of their choice.
    Microblog This is similar to blog but restricts the amount of characters that the blogger can post, similar to the user posts on Twitter.
    Celebrity This is also a web log but one that revolves around a celebrity. This can be the official websites endorsed by the celebrity or a fan made (unofficial) website. These websites usually have content that market the celebrity or provide information geared to the fans.
    Information These are sites that provide information to the user that are not necessarily for commercial use.
    Wiki These are websites which users collaboratively edit the content of the site.
    Content These are websites whose business is the creation and distribution of original content.
    Question and Answer (Q&A) These are websites in which people can ask questions and get answers.
    Political These are websites in which people may voice their political views, show political humor, campaigning for elections, or show information about a certain political party or ideology.
    Gripe These are websites devoted to the criticism of a person, place, corporation, government, or institution.
    Humor These are websites where people discuss various topics.
    Shock These are websites which includes images and other materials that are intended to be offensive to most viewers.
    Forum These are websites where people discuss various topics.
    Community These are sites where people of similar interests go to communicate with each other through message boards, video or chat mediums.
    Media Sharing These are websites that enables user to upload and view media such as pictures, music and videos.
    Social Networking These are websites provides a medium that users use to interact and communicate with each other. Users can go such things as sharing media (pictures, videos, music).
    Gaming These are websites that that allow users to play online games.
    Dating These are websites where users can find other user looking to connect in a relationship this could be a long range relationship, dating or just friends.
    Social Bookamarking These are websites that users share other content from the internet and rate and comment on the content.
    Corporate These are websites that provide a background information about a business, organization or service.
    Government These are websites made by the local, state, department or national government of a county.
    School These are websites on which teachers, students, or administrators can post information about current events at or involving their school.
    Religious These are websites in which people can advertise a place of worship, or provide inspiration or seek to encourage the faith of a follower of that religion.
    Electronic Commerce
    These are websites that offer goods and services for online sales and enabling online transactions.
    Affiliate These are websites whose purpose is to sell a third party’s product.
    Affiliate Agency These are websites that renders not only to its customers CMS but also syndicated content from other content providers for an agreed fee.
    Crowdfunding These are websites that are designed to fund projects by pre-purchasing products.
    Brand Building These are websites with the purpose of creating an experience of a brand online. These websites usually do not sell anything, but focus on building the brand.
    Classified Ads These are websites that publish classified advertisements.
    Gallery These are websites that are designed specifically for use as a gallery, these can be art gallery, photo gallery or video gallery.
    Porn These are websites that show sexually explicit content form enjoyment and relaxation.
    Click-to-Donate These are websites that allow this visitor to donate to charity simply by clicking on a button or answering a question correctly.
    Review These are websites that allow users to post reviews for products and services.
    Web Portal These are websites that provides a starting point or a gateway to other resources on the internet or intranet.
    Search Engine These are websites that indexes material on the internet or an intranet and provides links to information as a response to a query.
    Showcase These are web portals that are used by individuals or organizations to showcase things of interest or value.
    P2P/Torrents These are websites that index torrent files.
    Archive These are websites are used to preserve valuable electronic content threatened with extinction.
    Warez These are websites designed to host or link to materials such as music, movies and software for the user to download.
    Webmail These are websites that provides a webmail service.
    Scraper These are websites which largely duplicates without permission the content of another site, without actually pretending to be that site, this results in the site capturing some of the copied sites traffic.
    Mirror These are websites are replicas of another site. This kind of websites are used to deal with spikes in user visitors.
    Attack These are websites created specifically to attack visitor’s computers on their first visit to the website by downloading a file (usually a trojan horse).
    Phishing These are websites created to fraudulently acquire sensitive information, by masquerading as a trustworthy person or business.

    It’s important to note that the website listed above are more like general categories of wesbsites, most modern websites today are a lot more complicated and it into more the one categories. Some can fit into as many as five categorizes.

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