1. 2016

    In Memory of an Inventor

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    chima echeruo

    Passed away on July 2nd, 2015 in Seattle,WA.

    Okechukwu Chima Echeruo

    The invention is directed to systems and methods for the synchronization of two clients both utilizing a common storage platform (e.g., the new storage platform of the related inventions) to synchronize through an intermediary that is not using the same common storage platform (e.g., instead using a legacy storage platform that does not itself support synchronization for the new storage platform). Data is synchronized

    using the existing capabilities of the intermediary but where the data structure of the clients is preserved. An “adapter” is used to enable a client to interact with an intermediary by compensating for the intermediaries inability to preserve the data structure elements inherent to the client’s storage platform. Specific embodiments are directed to either or both upload-syncing data from a client to a intermediary and/or download-syncing data from an intermediary to a client. Certain additional embodiments are further directed to compaction of data on the intermediary.

    Systems and methods for synchronizing computer systems through an intermediary file system share or device

  2. About Emeka Echeruo

    Emeka Echeruo

    I love sports, football which I refuse to call soccer, and the outdoor especially walks in park. Software development is my passion, there is a beauty in creating something out of nothing but algebra that ends up becomes a part of a persons daily life. I love kids, dogs, nightlife and art because it finds you and moves you emotionally!

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