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    Fallen Leaves

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    Hishida Shunso was the pseudonym of a Japanese painter from the Meji period. Shunso was born in 1874 and hailed from what is now part of Iida city in Nagano Prefecture. Moved to Tokoyo to study under Kano school artists Yuki Masaaki. Shunso studied in Tokyo Bijustu Gakko (the forerunner of the Toyo National University of Fine Artes and Music). He was also one of Okanura Tenshin’s pupils and played a role in the Meiji innovation of Nihonga.

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    I love sports, football which I refuse to call soccer, and the outdoor especially walks in park. Software development is my passion, there is a beauty in creating something out of nothing but algebra that ends up becomes a part of a persons daily life. I love kids, dogs, nightlife and art because it finds you and moves you emotionally!

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