1. 2017

    City of Lights – 0014

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    city of light
    wilfred lang
    Done By Wilfred Lang

    This is a vision of New York as well as an elaboration on the idea of a collective consciousness, it artwork is meant to be a meditative artwork wherein New York has symbolic meaning.

    The painting is a play of light and shape wherein the grand gesture of skyscrapers and bridges is juxtaposed with the small details of boats and splashes of color.

  2. About Emeka Echeruo

    Emeka Echeruo

    I love sports, football which I refuse to call soccer, and the outdoor especially walks in park. Software development is my passion, there is a beauty in creating something out of nothing but algebra that ends up becomes a part of a persons daily life. I love kids, dogs, nightlife and art because it finds you and moves you emotionally!

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