1. About Emeka Echeruo

    Emeka Echeruo

    I love sports, football which I refuse to call soccer, and the outdoor especially walks in park. Software development is my passion, there is a beauty in creating something out of nothing but algebra that ends up becomes a part of a persons daily life. I love kids, dogs, nightlife and art because it finds you and moves you emotionally!

  2. 2017

    jQuery Todos implementation using EmberJS and Symfony


    Here is a simple implementation of JQuery Todo List using EmberJS framework on the front-end and Symfony 2 on...
  3. 2016

    Adding LESS to a MVC Framework


    LESS is a CSS pre-processor which allows you to extend the CSS language, adding features that allow for variables, mixins and functions to make your CSS more maintainable and...
  4. 2016

    What’s in XML 1.1



    It's been a while since XML has seen a version update since the introduction and adoption of XML 1.0 by the W3C in 1998 and is currently in its 5th edition. XML's strength lies in its strong solid conceptual idea that emphasizes on simplicity, usability and extendibility that allows it to be adapted and supported widely across the internet by various applications some include RSS, ATOM, SOAP and...
  5. 2016

    Importance of Clean Code


    clean code

    It doesn't matter which programming language, anyone that has spent years programming understands the importance of "clean code". Looking at someone else's code generates 2 reactions, either leaves you with smiling at the brilliance of the design or cursing at the headache you just inherited. In either case It becomes clear in software development you need someone else to understands what your code is going, it makes it easier to test, it lowers maintenance burden and it helps make bugs more obvious, you can even make the argument that "clean code" fosters innovation, something that inspires a newbie to greater heights, part of the evolution of...
  6. 2016

    Compare Difference Between Arrays


    two arrays

    Recently got asked a question that got me looking into the way PHP compares difference in arrays. This can be done using either of these...