1. Takeuchi Seiho

    Takeuchi Seiho was the pseudonym of a Japanese painter of the nihonga genre, active from the Meiji through the early Showa period. One of the founders of nihonga and was regarded as master of the prewar Kyoto circle of painters.

    Seiho was born in Kyoto taught in the disciple Kono Bairei of the Maruyama-Shijo school of traditional painting as a child. In 1882, two of his works received awards at the Naikoku Kaiga Kyoshinkai (Domestic Painting Competition).

    During the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1990, he toured Europe, where he studied Western art. After returning to Japan he established a unique style, combining the realist techniques of the traditional Japanese Maruyama-Shijo school with Western forms of realism borrowed from the techniques of Turner and Corot.

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